Living Geo Life – Rules

Rules For Living The Geo Lifestyle

Rules For Living The Geo Lifestyle

Rule 1

Accept that every day is a struggle, and be ready to do battle with yourself to overcome temptation.

Rule 2

Live the life you want to live. There’s no need to fear the future if you work to create your ideal version of it.

Rule 3

Respect yourself as much as you respect others. Accept that the only person you can truly control is yourself. Never let someone else’s opinions of you influence who you are.

Rule 4

Your body is a gift, respect it! Incorporate fresh local produce into your diet wherever possible, avoid consuming too many unhealthy/processed foods and drinking to excess, and resist the temptation to alter your body or state of mind through synthetic means.

Rule 5

Make it a daily effort to get outside of your comfort zone. Do things that test the boundaries of what you know about yourself, and strive to see the wonders of the world each and every day.

Rule 6

Walk away from any relationships or environments that make you feel compromised. Life is unpredictable and full of hardships, but make sure that you do control what you can.   

Rule 7

Don’t ever loathe or pity the person you see in the mirror–see an opportunity, no matter how difficult things are. If you can still look at yourself in the mirror and are still breathing, then there is still hope you’ll become the champion you’re meant to be.

Rule 8

Strive to help others whenever you can, but don’t expect anything in return. It can’t truly be considered helping if there are strings attached.   

Rule 9

Respect your own opinions, but be willing to accept that you won’t be right 100% of the time. Keep an open mind and value others’ perspectives so you can grow and change for the better.

Rule 10

Aim for the stars, yet remain humble. No matter what you’re doing, place an emphasis on hard work, dedication, and positivity. Ensure that you make the most out of the environment you find yourself in.    

Rule 11

It’s only pain.

Rule 12

The world, the environment, and all life must be respected. Whatever you take, try and give back in equal amount, or even a little more.

Rule 13

Make it a mission to orient yourself towards a lifelong journey of physical, mental, and spiritual growth.

Living the Geo Lifestyle is a Choice

The Eight Steps of Geo

The Geo Lifestyle is aimed at harm minimisation, respect for one’s self, and a continuous journey of self-improvement. You will at times falter, you will miss your goals, but it’s the willingness to accept failure as an opportunity that will keep you moving forward to be the person you strive to be. By going Geo you are committed to personal growth and living your best life.

The Geo Diet is not a tutorial or a manual–it is a lifestyle. It’s entirely up to you what you do with your life. You and only you can change things you don’t like. If everything in your life is sunshine and rainbows, then happy days. Geo is for us mere mortals who make mistakes, overeat, drink too much, and have goals aimed at personal growth. Nothing is set in stone, and one’s power can be limitless with the right mindset and attitude.