Eight Steps of Geo

8 Steps of Geo

Before anything else, you must accept that your life is a journey. Tomorrow is yet to be written and yesterday is just a memory–all you have is now, a series of moments that each represents a choice. Failing is part of the journey, and without failure, we cannot possibly expect to ever grow into who we’re meant to be. By committing to the Eight Steps of Geo, you are acknowledging that you will fail, but are committed to getting back up, back on track, and working towards being the person you want to be.   

Step 1 – Day One

Rules of Geo Diet

Realising that your life needs to change is one of the most difficult aspects of starting a journey, and actually getting started is perhaps even more challenging. Simply by accepting that you need to reinvent yourself, you have already demonstrated the resolve necessary to achieve Geo.

During Step One, you should:

1. Recognise that change needs to occur in some part(s) of your life. This is an accomplishment in of itself, and you should be proud of yourself for reaching this point.

2. Identify what exactly you plan to change about yourself. Each individual’s goals will be different, but the archetypal person looking to go Geo will want to get in shape, improve their self-confidence, reduce their impact on the environment, and keep indulgence to a minimum.

3. Most importantly, accept that failure is a natural part of this journey. Don’t ever get discouraged or give up–learn from your mistakes and stay committed to your goals. If you stay the course and overcome all setbacks, it will be that much more fulfilling in the end.

Step 2 – Day Seven

After a full week of hard, focused work and resisting the temptations of your former lifestyle, you have successfully reached Step Two.  It’s not at all unexpected to face difficulties getting adjusted to the Geo lifestyle, and these initial hardships might have even revealed additional things you want to work on. Even though only a week has passed, you might have already noticed improvements in your physical and mental health. As motivation, consider how you feel after these preliminary gains and imagine how much progress you’ll have made weeks or months into your journey.

During Step Two, you should:

  1. Eat wholesome and healthy foods whenever you can.
  2. Exercise regularly, while testing your limits at least twice per week. Noticeable improvements will not be seen unless you push yourself.
  3. Refrain from drinking alcohol, using tobacco products, and taking illicit drugs.
  4. Reduce your caffeine intake.
  5. Perform at least one positive deed per day without expectation of reward.
  6. Take time to reflect on any undesired behaviours that you would like to modify.
  7. Acknowledge that the only person you can truly control is yourself and reduce the influence others have on your emotional and psychological well-being.
  8. Work towards leaving or reducing contact with any relationships you identify as toxic.
  9. Reduce your impact on the environment by recycling, composting, minimising excess, etc.  

Step 3 – Day Fourteen

At the two-week mark in your journey towards the Geo lifestyle, you should continue to grow both physically and mentally, all while doing your best to overcome the old vices that continuously nag at you. While the first week was likely a tough adjustment period, you should see yourself easing into an enjoyable routine by the end of the second. You’ll really start to appreciate the simple pleasure of becoming the elevated version of yourself.

During Step Three, you should:

1. Start examining the ways your mindset is changing for the better.

2. Spend more time enjoying experiences that are in alignment with your new mentality/lifestyle. Not only will this help you grow, but it will also help dispel negativity and bad habits.

3. Continue making progress with your physical fitness.

4. Recognise that helping others and respecting the Earth are rewarding experiences on their own. Don’t hesitate to feel good about doing so!

Step 4 – Day Twenty-Eight

Your next big milestone arrives at twenty-eight days into your journey. You’ve been treading this new path for nearly a month now, and you’ll probably start to see some real progress. Depending on how you started out, you might start to notice changes in your body composition; on the other hand, improvements in your mental strength will be impossible to miss. This strengthened mentality will lead to a variety of improvements throughout all areas of your life.

In Step Four, you should:

1. Think about how you, the people around you, and the planet are benefiting from your new perspectives in life. Things will only get better as you continue down this path.

2. Take the time to finally close off any toxic/draining relationships, while at the same time nurturing the ones that are really important to you.

3. Let critical/reflective thinking come to you naturally. This will allow you to promptly and effectively deal with any problems or conflicts that arise.

4. Really start appreciating each moment as an opportunity to grow and thrive.

Step 5 – Day Fifty

After reaching day fifty of this journey, you will have started to grow accustomed to the Geo lifestyle’s basic tenets. In addition to this, your body has begun to transform noticeably, and you can be proud of the fact that you look and feel much healthier. Of course, you have still faced a few roadblocks–perhaps such as getting inebriated or dwelling in self-doubt–and you might have needed to restart from square one a couple of times, but your ability to accept and learn from these shortcomings is what continues to drive you forward.

In Step Five, you should:

1. Own up to any failures along the way and start over from Step One if you need to. If you’re not honest with yourself and don’t take accountability, you won’t be able to grow into the person you’re meant to be. Don’t cheat yourself!

2. Remember where you stood at the earlier stages in your journey. Express gratitude for the past versions of yourself for allowing you to grow into who you are now.

3. Remain confident and determined even if you’re not seeing the results you expected.  Self-improvement is a gradual process, so as long as you have the right mindset and continue to do what needs to be done, the results are sure to come eventually.

4. Reach out and form relationships with people who are different from you, or bring a new mindset to your existing ones. Try to see the world from their perspective and glean insights that could be useful for your journey.

Step 6 – Day One Hundred

You’ve displayed remarkable dedication and mental fortitude to make it an entire hundred days with the Geo lifestyle. In areas where you used to feel unfamiliar, or even uncomfortable,  you now breeze through as if you’ve been doing so your whole life. Your body composition continues to improve, but you’ve already made such drastic improvements to your health that you feel a million times better than you’ve ever been. It’s hard to imagine a time when you weren’t living and feeling as good as you are now; it’s almost as hard to believe that you’ve still got a ways to go before you reach your goal.

In Step Six, you should:

1. Try switching up the meals in your diet to avoid monotony and/or giving in to unhealthy cravings.

2. Search for new challenges to conquer and novel experiences to consume. Whether it be in exercise, academic pursuits, travel, or your social life, you must continue to test your limits in order to evolve.

3.  Go out of your way to be selfless! Do a bit of volunteer work for your local community. It’s a plus if the work involves caring for the environment, as you’ll be helping yourself, your neighbours, and the planet.

4. Allow yourself to acknowledge your many temptations and vices, but remain indifferent about them while doing so.

Step 7 – Day Two Hundred

At two hundred days into your journey, you will have made significant and lasting improvements to your body and mind. You have grown much more aware of yourself and the world, masterfully refrain from indulgence, and are now having a positive impact on the environment. You are tantalisingly close to your goal, but this last stretch will be the most challenging of all. Keep working diligently and building off the previous steps, and you are practically guaranteed to cross that finish line.

In Step Seven, you should:

1. Share what you’ve learned/experienced with others; be receptive of their opinions, but don’t be so influenced by them that you change your attitudes. There’s a good chance that you’ll both benefit from such an exchange.

2. Gauge how much you’ve progressed with your physical fitness. If you’re not satisfied with where you’re at, don’t get discouraged! Instead, try increasing your training intensity/frequency or incorporating new exercises.

3. If the weather is nice, exercise outdoors to better connect with and appreciate nature.

4. Take pride in how you’ve managed to avoid giving in to weakness for so long, but don’t become complacent for even a moment. Remember that no one is immune to failure, and you must remain strong if you are going to continue your success.

Step 8 – Day Three Hundred Sixty-Five

After a full year of hard work, overcoming failure, resisting temptation, and expanding your horizons, you have officially achieved Geo. You have become a steady force of good in the world, and other benevolent people will be drawn to your positive mindset and self-esteem. You have greatly improved your physical health compared to when you first started and, even if you are not yet at your desired level of physical fitness, your exceptional mental strength will allow you to reach your goals with ease. The journey does not end here, however–if you remain dedicated, the Geo lifestyle can potentially provide a lifetime of mental and physical fitness, freedom from negativity and vice, and continual self-growth.

Steps of Geo – Being the best you can be.

The core principles of the Geo Lifestyle and Geo Diet are founded upon individuality and personal growth. With Geo, failure is never a possibility–if you ever slip up, start back at step one with a reinvigorated mindset and work towards making the most out of the greatest gift of all: life.  In life, there are no wrong answers; however, we can impact others with the choices we make, so every decision matters in the long run. By going Geo, you endeavour to do good for yourself and others, and vow to take a stand against Greed,

Gluttony, Lust, Envy, Sloth, Wrath, and Pride. Live the life you want to live, and see each day as an opportunity to learn, grow, and get fit.